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Hyperway aims to contribute innovative and professional values to the future of the shipping industry. With the employment of information technology, Hyperway helps professionals within the industry to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their services.

Hyperway's services encompass the following areas:

  • Insuring the sustainable development of digital shipping and data logistics by automating the overall shipping process and minimizing human error.
  • Enhancing the control of freight costs for different services while managing budgets and finances simultaneously.
  • Offering our clients the ability to track more than 300 shipping orders anywhere and anytime via our system, and improving their customer service with data analysis and better communication platforms
  • Standardizing industry digitalization among various ports and countries, and reducing freight e-mail and time costs
  • Enhancing Hong Kong's corporate productivity by improving the digitalization of its freight industry to keep up with the world's leading technologies.
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Cargo Management

Total visibility and control across every shipment. You can track all your shipments until they reach their destination through the Cargo Management feature on our platform

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eQuote & eBooking

Imagine sending your quote request simultaneously to multiple airlines and leveraging a standardized procurement process throughout your organization.

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Financial Analysis & Management

With Hyperway, you can get real-time updates on client credit status, as well as Profit/Loss Analysis and Cost Analysis, which are designed to monitor key financials for your business. Figures can be displayed at the company or customer level, allowing you to analyze them as part of statistics.

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AWB Auto filling

Still typing AWB day by day? Still paying CCA when typo? Just a few seconds and we can finish an AWB

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Report & Business Analysis

Through its analysis of large amounts of data, Hyperway provides valuable business insights that ensure that your procurement strategy is optimized and more automated, and more profitable decisions are made.

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RAR / RACFS Reporting

Just a few steps You can export the RAR/RACFS data to CAD

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